On Writing, Tech, and Other Loquacities

The collected works of Lana Brindley: writer, speaker, blogger

Who is Lana Brindley?

I have been writing open source technical documentation for about twelve years, and right now I’m working with open source company SUSE, where I have a lot of fun. I have business degrees in marketing and information systems, as well a degree in technical communication. I do a lot of public speaking. Mostly I speak about writing, but I also regularly talk about topics ranging from open source software to geek feminism and working in IT.

I work from my home, so I really only go out when I’m going to conferences. All the rest of the time I’m usually either reading, writing, or complaining about the weather. Or politics. You will find my writing all over the internet, in many different formats, but the easiest way to find me online is to catch me on Twitter. I used to be on Facebook as well, but I got better.

I grew up in rural Queensland, Australia, moved to Canberra in 2002, and then made the trek back north to Brisbane in 2013. When I’m not writing, I’m either curled up on the couch with a good book, or pretending I’m about to go to the gym. I have a fourteen-year old daughter who is as obsessed with books as I am. We have a kitten with a human-dependency who is definitely not normal, and I’m only slightly obsessed with my purple KitchenAid (did I mention it’s purple?!)

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