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A Vision …

Where the hell did all these posts come from?
Well, the content has come from several of my homes around the net:

I am going to go ahead and delete the fiction site, since everything that was there is now here (although I do still dearly love the design of that site!). The Slow Food Adventures site went down permanently some months ago, and I have only transferred the most popular recipes over here. I don’t have copies of all the old recipes, but I do still have all the images, so if there is anything you have been sorely missing, let me know and I’ll get it up here for you. I’ll leave the original On Writing, Tech, and Other Loquacities blog to live on in cyberspace for now, only because I haven’t bothered to move all the more pedestrian blogposts from it, and there might come a day when I wish to revisit them. Well, maybe.

In moving things, some of the formatting has gone a little off, especially in the fiction posts. I’ll fix things up as I notice them, but please let me know if anything is eye-bleedingly bad, and I’ll get in and fix it for you. I’ve tried to keep the dates as close to the original publication dates as possible, although it wouldn’t surprise me if some things are a little out of order. Please forgive me. With the long fiction, I’ve finally gotten sick of moving twenty or thirty blogposts for each one, and I’ve put each story into its own very l-o-o-o-ong blogpost.

Licencing can be interesting, but to be honest I find it hard to get very worked up about it all. However, because other people seem to care about this stuff, here’s my statement:

All writing on this blog is my own work, except where I have used direct quotes (which are attributed to the original authors where possible). All cooking images were taken by me, and all other images have been either shared under their individual licencing requirements, or obtained as stock photography.

For now, the entire blog is licenced under the WTFPL v2.0 licence. I might change this to a Creative Commons licence at some point in the future, but for now I’ll just specify if a post has a specific licence other than the WTFPL. If you want to know more about sharing or distributing my work, feel free to contact me by leaving a comment on this blog, or emailing me at lanabrindley(at)gmail(dot)com.

So, What Next?
My vision for this site is to provide a central repository for all my various ramblings. I am doing a lot more writing for different publications these days, and I need a good place to keep them all, and categorise them. If you see my byline somewhere, then that means you should be able to find a copy of that article or speech or blogpost or whatever right here. I will endeavour to keep the categories up to date, but will continue to provide links at the bottom of each article to the places where it originally appeared. This site probably won’t have quite so much generic blogging on it as the old site did, although I’m not going to rule it out entirely. This is mostly just because my writing efforts are moving in new directions. Directions which, I must confess, I’m quite excited about.




Hello world!

Well, hello there! I finally went out and bought my own domain, so over time I’ll be gradually shifting everything I have scattered all around the intertubes over to this one convenient (and searchable!) location. For those die-hard slow food adventurers, you might even get lucky with a recipe a two 😉

Stay tuned.