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SMH scaring elderly Type 2 patients about NDSS changes

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I got a letter from the NDSS the other day.

And then yesterday, I saw this article in the SMH.

My first thought on reading the article was “I don’t remember the NDSS letter reading like this”. My second thought was “Hold on, how are they getting test strips for $1.20?!”.


But they had a picture of a lovely older guy looking concerned, so I decided to do some fact checking, which Harriet Alexander clearly was not able to do, in her hurry to write a complete beat up designed to scare elderly Type 2 patients.

So, here’s the facts:
* If you’re on insulin, you will continue to get subsidised strips (regardless of what Type you are)
* If you’re newly diagnosed as Type 2, you will get subsidised strips for your first 6 months’ supply (that’s 900 strips)
* After that, your doctor can write you a letter to continue to get subsidised strips for another six months
* There is no limit to the number of subsidised strips you can get with your doctor’s letter

Speaking as someone who was diagnosed as Type 2 and not on insulin for nearly a decade: if you are unstable enough to need to test regularly, then you are unstable enough to need regular checks with your doctor, at least every six months. Get them to write you a letter already. End of problem.


The real news that got buried in this beat up? Insulin pump supplies are now going to be available from NDSS pharmacies, instead of only through DA. And I’m not a pump user, but I think that’s a massive step forward. Well done, NDSS and DA. Thank you for all that you do to support diabetics.

And if anyone works out where to buy 100 strips for $1.20, let me know?


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